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Get Started With Moka Open Platform

Step 1: Create Moka Account

Moka provides collection of APIs that work together to solve a variety of problems, including getting merchant's profile, getting reports, reading transactions and reading library.

To work with Moka APIs, you must create a Moka account.

Step 2: Create a new application

When you create new application, Moka generates credentials (linked to that application) that you can use to work with APIs.

To create a new application:

  1. Open the Apps Dashboard.
  2. Click Create a New App.

The apps dashboard includes multiple tabs with different values and settings you may need while developing your application:

  • Credentials - manage application credentials and OAuth workflow of your app
  • Scopes - configure the types of data that can be accessed by your app
  • App Information - input details related to your app
  • Screenshots - upload screenshots to give user better understanding of your app
Get started step 2

Step 3: Start building with Moka

Build extensions on our platform using the API key and the API Secret of the application that you created in the Apps Dashboard.

Get started step 3

Here are some resources to get you started

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